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Crystal 101

Crystal 101

Prized for its sparkling clarity, crystal has one thing glass doesn't: lead oxide. This special ingredient gives fine crystal its unparalleled brilliance and surprising durability that allows for decorative cuts.

Plain Crystal is just that: smooth glass with no decoration. If you're a minimalist, you'll probably choose this simply elegant crystal pattern.

Cut Crystal features a pattern that can range from relatively simple to extravagantly ornate. Your preference depends on your taste. If you're an entertainer extraordinaire or long for the days of Edith Wharton, ornate cut crystal is for you.

Banded Crystal has a gold or platinum rim. If you already have (or are registering for) metal-rimmed china, you may choose banded crystal, too. This crystal needs extra care, so read on for cleaning tips.

Facts & Care

Facts & Care

Thickness: Fine crystal is thinner & more decorative than glass.

Clarity: Crystal is clear, while glass is cloudier. The higher the lead content in the crystal, the cleaner it is.

Weight: Crystal is heavier, more resilient than glass.

Refraction: Crystal sparkles, while glass is opaque.

Cut: Crystal is smoth and polished, while glass is more brittle.

Care: Crystal is not dishwasher safe while glass is.

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