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Cutlery 101

Chef Knife

This versatile knife is a great choice for everyone's kitchen.

Suitable for many different tasks, including chopping herbs, cutting vegetables and slicing or dicing meat.

Paring Knife

This knife is smaller than others, making it great for precision tasks.

Features a blunt tip and a straight edge.

Peels, cuts, cleans and garnishes fruit and vegetables.

Suitable for preparing meat.

Bread Knife

Effortlessly cuts through hard bread crusts.

The scalloped edges will cut neat slices of bread without tearing or mashing.

Hollow Edge Santoku Knife

Used for preparing meat, fish and vegetables.

Featuring a cleaver style blade, this knife has a hollow edge (also known as granton). This helps keep food from sticking to the knife.

Carving Knife

Used for slicing and carving cooked meats such as chicken and turkey.

Utility Knife

Another popular choice because it can cut almost anything. A good all-around knife to have in the kitchen.

Used for many cutting jobs such as peeling, slicing, chopping and carving.

Serrated Utility Knife

Cuts a wide variety of foods.

Works especially well on foods with a hard outside and a sofe inside such as tomatoes, sausages or small bread rolls.

Fillet Knife

Used for efficient filleting of fish and slicing tender foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Best suited for cutting meat off the bone.

Meat Cleaver

Used to easily chop through meats that may contain bones.

A very large, heavyweight knife.

Boning Knife

Works very well for removing the bone from meat.

A narrow-bladed curved knife with a straight cutting edge.

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