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5 Tips for Getting Started

Gift registry is one of the pre-wedding to-do's couples enjoy most. It's your big chance to pick out your wedding gifts and provide guidance to your guests who, believe it or not, want to buy you gifts you actually want. Here are our top five tips for making this process easier for you and your guests.


Consider Where Your Guests Live

You probably want to register at your favorite local store. If the store does not have locations in places your guests are able to shop, though, you won't experience the benefits of registering.

If your guests are geographically dispersed, here are some options to consider:

*Register for fine china at your favorite local specialty store, but also register for the same pattern at a different store - one that makes sense geographically for your guests.

*Register for your fine china at your favorite local store and then register for casual china at a different store.

*Register for all your gifts at an online store.

Whichever option you choose, just make sure you are making registry purchases available for guests who reside in all different locations.


Schedule at Least an Hour to Start

While it will be tempting to start registering as soon as you start seeing items you like in stores, wait until you have dedicated time to think through your registry. Call ahead and make an appointment with a bridal consultant or the person who maintains the store's bridal registries. Schedule at least one hour, whether online or in store. The last thing you want is to be rushed and make choices you may not be satisfied with later. Remember, you can always come back and add more items. Get a good basic registry started and you can continue to build as you go and as more items are purchased.


Think About the Total Package

Consider your overall registry list and how it will all work together to create a warm home environment. Think about any items you, as a couple, currently have that you intend to keep and how they may work together. For example, if the groom-to-be has a set of black every day plates that he really wants to hang onto and you have a set of very practical white plates, build on that combination. Try picking a casual pattern that will work with both the white and black sets. This will allow you to create a different look each time you set the table. A look that combines both your styles.


Let Him Play

Let your groom participate if he desires. Sometimes the groom has more of an opinion than a bride realizes. Allowing him to participate will help the two of you bond and feel good about the choices you're making together. Letting him take control of the mouse if registering on-line (or the scanner if you're registering in-store) is one way the groom can help make the decisions without feeling like he is there just to hold your purse.


Be Patient

Speaking of the groom, remember, he is not a wedding coordinator nor has he been discussing the pros and cons of everyday vs. fine china with his mother for the last 10 years. So if he has questions, be patient. Also, make sure wherever you register to provide the groom's contact information. Just as you will receive helpful tips and reminders from sites and stores where you register, many sites also send helpful hints for the groom.

Your registry is more than a chance to pick out gifts. It's your chance to start envisioning your lives together. From the colors you will wake up to together to the china you may one day be setting before your grandchildren, it all starts now. Enjoy!

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