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Items to Splurge on

When making your registry product selections, everyday plates, stainless flatware, and small appliances are a guarantee, but don't leave out higher priced items because you think no one will buy them. You'll be surprised how many of your guests like to get together and buy larger items as a group. Think about it, this is the your time (maybe your only time) to upgrade the everyday versions of what you have, and also to get all the items you'll need for special occasions (hosting a dinner party for your close friends when you get settled or hosting the entire family for Christmas 5 years from now ) So don't be afraid to splurge a little and register for what you want not what you think you will get:


1. Make a Sterling Choice

In our parents' time, sterling silver flatware was a fixed item on most wedding registries, and complete sets were passed down from one generation to the next. These days, couples tend to skip over sterling in favor of stainless, liking its lower price tag. But stainless will never hold the value, beauty, and heirloom quality of real silver. And it wears so well -- the more you use silver, the better it looks and the shinier the patina grows. Although it has to be hand-washed, the extra elbow grease is worth it for beautiful silver.


2. Fine Dining

A lot of people shy away from fine dinnerware, thinking that usage once or twice a year doesn't make this fragile purchase worth it. But the truth is that porcelain and bone china are actually tougher and more durable than common stoneware. So don't save china for special occasions only, instead work it into your everyday dinners.


It is there to be used, be creative. Order pizza for you and your husband, put on your pajamas, pop in a movie and use your fine china. You'll be surprised how remembering moments like these will make you smile.


3. Slice and Dice

High-quality knives are probably the single best investment you can make in your kitchen. Allowing you to prep meals faster, more easily, and more safely, you will immediately notice the impact of a quality knife on your cooking. Don't worry about getting the huge knife set (although definitely do if you'll put them to good use). Instead invest in three basic types -- a chef's knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife. When you register, pick each knife up at the store, checking for comfort, weight (should be on the hefty side), and balance (shouldn't feel like it's toppling out of your hand).


4. Stove-toppers

You need more from a stockpot than the ability to boil water -- after all, there's a reason half the food gets burned when you use your cheap college cookware: Inexpensive pots and pans won't heat evenly or properly. Upgrade to stainless (corrode-resistant) pots and pans with aluminum or copper cores (great for heat conduction), or any other copper combination, anodized aluminum, and cast iron.


5. Perk Up

Stop relying on your neighborhood coffee shop to get your caffeine fix. Instead, use your registry to treat yourselves to the sophistication of espresso at home. Sleek espresso machines often come with a hefty price tag, so put one on the registry and look forward to brunches and after-dinner noshes full of fun cappuccinos, espressos, and happily caffeinated guests. If the groom is a coffee-holic this may be one of the gifts he enjoys researching and selecting.

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