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Mattress Pads

What factors determine the price and quality of a mattress pad?


Type of Fill:

  • Mattress Pads may be filled with synthetic fibers such as polyester, latex foam, gel or natural fibers.


Amount of Fill:

  • Mattress Pads vary in the amount of fill. The amount of fill affects the amount of comfort. Generally, the higher the ounces per square yard, the firmer and more luxurious the pad.



  • The top fabric should be soft, absorbent and durable.
  • It is important to have a skirting fabric that washes well because this fabric holds the pad to the bed, while also allowing the fitted sheet to hold better.


Cover Fabrics:

  • Usually made of a polyester/cotton blend or all cotton.
  • All cotton is more expensive due to their 100% cotton content.
Standard Mattress Pad Sizes
Twin 38" x 75"
Twin X-Long 38" x 80"
Full 53" x 75"
Queen 60" x 80"
King 78" x 80"


Caring for mattress pads:
  • Quilted mattress pads should be machine washed in warm water on gentle cycle with no bleach; and dried on low heat or air dry to prevent shrinkage.
  • Handle heavy, wet mattress pads carefully when removing them from the washer to avoid putting stress on the seams.
  • Please have customers read the care labels for more specific laundering questions.
Types of mattress Toppers:
  • Featherbeds: are filled with a mixture of 95% white goose feathers and 5% white goose down. Used on top of mattress to create a softer sleeping area.
  • Foam Pads: give therapeutic support in critical areas (lower back and neck).


Installing your mattress topper: Topper should be placed over mattress pad and underneath fitted sheet. This will maximize the protection for your mattress and topper.

Mattress Protection: The average mattress costs $500 - $1,000, having a mattress pad on your bed will protect and extend the life of a mattress. When customer's mattress pads start to age, it is less expensive to buy a mattress topper for support than purchase a new mattress.


Quick Reference to Mattress Pad Vocabulary

Fitted Pad: covers both the top and sides of a mattress but resembles a fitted sheet with elastic all the way around the bottom. Only quilted on the top of the pad.


Mattress Protector: covers the entire mattress pad, like a pillow protector. Creates a barrier between your mattress, dust, bacteria and mold, which prolongs the life of your mattress.


Fiber Fill: a generic term for all types of synthetic polyester filling fibers used in mattress pads and in other types of bedding.


Waterproof Pad: Mattress pads that are quilted on the top and have a vinyl layer underneath to protect the mattress from soiling.


Silpure: is a silver based fabric treatment that fights bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms to keep bedding clean longer.

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