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Types of Cookware

Fry Pan: A must-have to quickly fry meats or veggies. Has a flat bottom and low sides that allow air to circulate and allows for easy flipping of food. 8", 10" and 12" pans are the most commonly available sizes.

Saute Pan: Great for steaming or deep-frying vegetables. Need versatility? A 4-qt. pan is your best option. You may prefer a nonstick cooking surface, but you'll get better results using options such as stainless steel, hard anodized stainless steel or copper.

Sauce Pan: Consider buying multiples of this one - you'll need a pan large enough for making family-size quantities as well as cooking for one. Great if you're cooking things that can easily spill. Only room for one? Select a 3-qt. or 4-qt. for maximum efficiency.

Stock Pot: One pot can do many different tasks. Great for those big family recipes or cooking for a crowd. Perfect for pasta and soups.

Griddle Pan: Allows for quick cooking & easy cleaning. A wide, flat pan that sits over one or two burners. Great for fast-cooking foods that need a large, smooth cooking surface such as grilled cheese or French toast.

Dutch Oven: A large pot with two handles and a tight-fitting lid. Great for food that needs to simmer or braise for a long time. 5-qt. and 7-qt. ovens are the most popular and most useful sizes. You'll need to plan on one quart for each person you're serving.

Roasting Pan A large rectangular pan - low sides allow as much heat as possible to reach the food. Often used with a roasting rack, which allows better air circulation and more even cooking. Roasters with a nonstick finish make for easy cleanup.

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