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Groom's Attendants

The number of attendants couples to choose to have in their wedding party varies from couple to couple. In most cases, the number of bridesmaids will be equal to the number of groomsmen. While this is the norm, it is not a requirement and based on the number of family members, close friends and long lasting relationships, is not always possible. While some brides will feel very strongly the rule should ALWAYS apply, don't feel pressured to cut someone very special from your line-up. If this is the case, the groom should definitely stand up for their attendant.


So who are the groom's attendants?

Best Man: The best man should be the groom's go to guy. When determining who should covet this role in your wedding, think abut about whom you rely on the most when making life decisions and who you can see relying on for the rest of your life. Some grooms feel this description most represents their brother. Others choose a best friend and while not common practice in most of the country, as Southern tradition grooms often ask their fathers. The best man, along with arranging the Bachelor Party, will be responsible for holding the ring in the ceremony and giving the first toast at the reception. So, it is best to choose a reliable person. If you feel you would like to ask an individual who happens to fit the description of a best man aside from the reliability factor, it may be wise to select 2 best men. The first to stand beside you and the other to be trusted with the ring and the toast.


Groomsmen: It's an enormous honor to ask someone to be a groomsmen. Brothers, close friends and family members are all good choices when selecting groomsmen. The groom is asking his men to stand up next to him as he experiences one of the most significant events in life. This selection should not be taken lightly and those in the wedding party should be people you expect to be in your lives for the long haul. Selecting an acquaintance is not recommended. Many times grooms have a difficult time deciding between certain friends. If this is something you are encountering, try to think about who has been in your life the longest. Whatever decision made, your friends should understand.


Ushers: One of the roles of the groomsmen is to usher guests to their seats before the ceremony. Many couples choose to select additional ushers to assist the groomsmen. This also allows you to include additional men in the wedding who are important to you.


Groomswoman: Times have definitely changed. While not a tradition, evolving relationships between men and women have presented a need to include a platonic female friend to stand-up in the wedding for the groom. This is how the groomswomen role has come into play. A groomswomen can wear a dress in a color complimentary to the groomsmen attire and stand on the side of the groom. This has become more prevalent in the last few years.


No matter your preferences regarding attendants for the big event, both you and your bride should feel comfortable with the final decision. So, make sure you discuss all of the questions and concerns regarding your wedding party with your bride.

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