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Showers...Not just for girls anymore

It's time to start the wedding panning and one step is for the bride and groom-to-be to compile a list of all of the friends and family offering to host parties for them and come up with a shower and party plan.


In the past, wedding showers were events left just for the girls. Today, this is not the case. There may be a few events specifically for the ladies but couple's showers are ever growing in popularity. The themes of showers have also evolved into fun ideas to meet specific needs of the newlyweds beginning their lives.


Outlined are some popular shower themes:

  • Around the House: On the invitation, guests are assigned a room of the house and the gift they bring represents the room.
  • Time of day: Guests are assigned a specific hour of the day and the gift is an appropriate symbol of things the couple might do during that time of day.
  • Stock the Bar: Need I say more?
  • Night on the Town: Guests bring gift certificates or tickets to specific places around the couple's home town the guest also enjoys. Gifts can range from gift certificates to restaurants to theater tickets.
  • Lawn and Garden: Guests bring gifts to support activities done in the yard. Gifts range from shovels and hoses to grills and lawn mowers.


When planning the wedding showers to have the bride and groom should assess items they most need to begin their lives. So, think about what is most important for you and then let the parties begin.

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