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Contracts are a necessary part of your entire wedding. Every vendor you deal with will ask you to sign a contract and put down a deposit to reserve their services. Which is great because it will help ensure every vendor is legally obligated to reserve the date of your wedding and provide what you expect.


Read them Carefully:
Make sure you read all of the fine print in your contracts. Contracts will state several limitations and restrictions of specific service providers and no contract will be the same. Service providers will list the number of hours the pricing will cover and the number of guests and whether or not certain service items are included. Fees charged for going over the time frame, what they will allow you to bring in to a venue and what they will not. Make sure you read everything on the contract and understand it. If you find something in the contract you are uncomfortable with, make the provider change it or discuss it with you before you sign.


Make Sure Everything is in Writing
If any service provider committed to ANYTHING to you verbally, make sure it makes its way into the contract. If it does not make it into the contract, chances are it is not going to happen. If the caterer agreed to provide table linens and plates, make sure it�s written in the contract. If the venue agreed that tables and chairs would be provided, make sure they put the number of tables and chairs into the contract. If the venue agreed they will not book any other event during yours�.make sure it is in the contract.


Look for Loopholes
Be sure the vendor has not worked a way out of holding the date for you. They of course will add stipulations for late or non-payment, just make sure you are comfortable with any terms that will nullify the contract.

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