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Make your Reception Stand Out

The best way to make your reception stand out is to make it a reflection of you. Allowing your guests to peak into your relationship with little details will ensure they walk away raving about the day.


Include Photos:
Make sure there are lots of photos around the reception and rehearsal dinner that reflect times you have shared together as well as some memorable moments you had before you met. Include the guests in the photos. If you have great pictures of good times you shared with friends and family, include them. Guests will be hunting around to see pictures of themselves and those they have met. One great idea for photos is to use photographs of yourselves as table names or numbers.


Embrace your Culture:
If you have certain family or cultural traditions on either side, include them. Some of the most memorable events are those that have 2 completely different cultures merging together into one event. One way to incorporate culture is food. If you have 2 different cultures, create trays of appetizers with 2 different appetizers (one from each of your cultures) sharing one tray. Or a desert table with different family deserts and a description of the traditional meaning of each.


Recreate the Location:
If there is a distinctive location you met or a place your love really blossomed, attempt to recreate the location in your wedding weekend. If you fell in love while studying abroad in Italy, attempt to recreate the feeling of Italy throughout the course of your wedding. You don't have to be extreme to recreate the location, serve Italian foods, add some of the lighting of the streets of Venice and offer Italian ice to cleanse the palette between courses.


Tell the Story:
No matter how you chose to represent yourselves in the event, make sure you tell the story to the guests. You know what the subtle details mean but make sure you let them in on the secret. Then, sit back and prepare to hear the buzz..."Did you see the ..." "oh, yes and how about the..."

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