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Sit-Down Meal or Buffet:

One factor that will help you determine if you should offer or rule out a sit-down dinner is time of day. If a wedding reception is hosted during a time of the day that is not a standard meal time, a sit-down dinner would not be appropriate.


For Example, if you are having a 1:00 or 2:00 ceremony, your reception would probably be between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00. This is not a standard meal time for people. Therefore, you would probably serve some light h’oursdevores buffet or butler style. A sit-down meal would seem awkward and out of place.


If you are having a reception during a standard meal-time then options are wide open. Here are few of the options and combinations you can consider:


Buffet All the Way
Having a buffet allows guests to graze the buffet tables throughout the reception and eat as desired. One benefit to this option is that a full sit-down dinner halts the entertainment activities of the reception. Buffet dinners encourage guests to continue walking around and socialize. They also allow you to offer a variety of food options to guests.


Bultlered H’oursdevores and Buffet Dinner
The bultered h’oursdevores add a hint of sophistication to a reception. Picture formally dressed servers walking around with trays of appetizers offering bites to your guests. Mixed with the buffet it allows you to keep the sophistication of the meal while still giving the freedom to eat as desired with an assortment of options.


Butlered H’oussdevores, Buffet Salad and Cold Appetizers and Sit-Down Main Course 
This combination keeps your guests guessing what’s coming next. You have the luxury of all three options. The start of the meal, with a combination of butlered h’oursdevores and buffet salad and cold appetizers encourages your guest to continue mingling. Guests would then be instructed to be seated for their main course. The break-up in the beginning of the meal reduces the amount of time your guests will be seated


Full Course Sit-Down Dinner
A full course sit-down dinner keeps structure surrounding your event. This atmosphere is most conducive when there are toasts to be made. It adds a layer of formality to a reception and allows guests to become more acquainted with those seated at their table.


So don’t feel limited to sit-down dinner or buffet. There are several combinations that allow you to experience the best of both worlds. Talk to your caterer and ask for their recommendations based on the reception you want to have.

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