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Unless you minored in horticulture in college, deciding what flowers to use for your big day can be overwhelming. With so many blooms available and the variety of combinations limitless, the sky can actually be the limit for your flower choices. Flowers will be used in many different areas throughout the wedding. The Bride's bouquet, the bridesmaid bouquets, groom and groom attendant boutonnieres, corsages for mothers and grandmothers, flower girl bouquet, as decoration at the ceremony and the seating and food tables at the reception.


You should know your color scheme before you begin the flower selection process. Select a reputable florist that is willing to work with you and within your budget and make sure you trust their taste. Look through some home and garden magazines and visit your local fresh market to get and idea of the shapes and types of flowers you like.


Some great ways to create interesting floral décor:


Tis the Season:
Select flowers that are in season. Besides being beautiful and accurately reflecting the time of year of your wedding, this is the most cost effective way to have great flowers in abundance on your wedding day. Mix in some seasonal foliage as well, to add texture to your arrangements or you can add in fragrant herbs for a nice aromatic touch.

Fruit/Flower Combo:
Fruit can add a lot of color to your floral arrangements. It makes great vase fillers and makes striking statements. Any time you use something out of the ordinary, people are sure to notice. Don't limit yourself to lemons and limes, think outside of the box, when you pick your colors think of any fruits you may be able to mix within.
Veggies can also be used in table arrangements in the same way. A popular veggie of this past wedding season was asparagus.

Stay True:
More is not always better. Select a single bloom that you love and make a true flower statement. You can either use different variations of the same color or you can stay with the same color. Either way every guest will be sure to walk away from your reception with a true appreciation of the beauty of your favorite bloom.

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