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Tux or No Tux

For years, this was a no-brainer, you are having a wedding, the groom wears a tux. As wedding ceremonies and receptions have evolved, this is not the case. There are many options available for the groom's attire. Of course the tux is still a main contender, but don’t rule out a nice suit in either a light or dark color. Seersucker and pinstripes have also been making a bit of a splash on the spring and summertime scene.


Some Factors to help you make your decision...


Location of the Wedding

An outdoor or beach wedding is a perfect reason of the groom to step out a little in terms of attire. Beach and outdoor weddings tend to be a little more casual in nature and therefore a suit may be a better option. Some grooms in beach weddings have even opted out of a tie all together. This is up to you, just keep in mind you don’t want your guest to feel over or under dressed. The groom should be the most well dressed man at the wedding.

Time of Day

Daytime before 4:30 PM: Daytime weddings are also a little more casual. A suite is a definite option, and can be either light or dark in color depending on the time of year. Light suit options; for fall we love gray, spring or summer tan.
Evening After 5:00 PM. Considered a semi-formal event, a dark suite is most appropriate
Evening After 6:00 PM – The groom should definitely wear a tuxedo. This is considered a formal affair and many guests will also opt to wear a tuxedo.

Time of Year

Although formal and casual weddings occur at all times of the year, some seasons are more lenient than others. Weddings that occur in the Fall and Winter tend to be more formal than those in the Spring and Summer. So keep the season in mind when picking groom’s wedding attire.

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