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The mission of Belk's Training & Development department is to provide quality skills training and associate development programs that meet the needs of the business and support our corporate goals. The programs to support your development are accessed through our BelkU website. Here you will find online courses, reference guides, videos and user manuals. The website also provides a search option for quick access to immediate information.


Belk recognizes that a smooth transition into the company is important to your success. As a new associate, you will have an on-boarding plan specifically designed based on your position. On-boarding adds structure to your orientation activities and outlines the initial training needs within your first 30 days. In addition, key conversations are scheduled between you and members of your team to ensure you gain the proper exposure and perspectives to quickly acclimate to our company and culture.

Corporate and Store Training & Development

Building a career at Belk includes gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to perform your current job and any future assignments. Training is provided throughout your career to ensure you continue to enhance your skills and retail knowledge through a variety of methods including instructor led sessions, on-line courses, reference materials and on the job activities. The future of Belk relies on our ability to grow and develop our most important asset - our people. Below is a sample of the development programs offered to a manager at different stages in their career:

Sales Team Manager Development Program

This 21 week store program prepares internal associates for promotion into a Sales Team Manager position. The program is facilitated through workbook activities focused on operations, product merchandising, and people management. Touch base conversations with store management occur periodically throughout the program.

Sales Team Manager Training

This training is delivered in a variety of methods including instructor led, on the job activities, on-line courses and reference materials. The focus of the training is to ensure your success and prepare you for the next step in your store career - (assistant store manager).


The 2 day Coaching Workshop is a systematic approach that simplifies coaching and helps managers improve the performance of others to deliver better business results. This interactive instructor led workshop focuses on key components - a coaching continuum tailoring development to levels of proficiency, how to give feedback, and an understanding of the impact of behavior on others.


Diversity training is completed in phases beginning with your orientation introducing Belk's commitment to Diversity. Managers receive additional instructor led or online training based on their role in the organization.

Executive Training Programs

Store, Buying and Finance Executive Training programs are available for college graduates. See our college recruiting webpage for more details.

Leadership and 360 Degree Feedback

Leadership Through People Skills is an interactive instructor led 2 day seminar that provides each participant with skills to improve face-to-face interactions at all levels and increase his or her effectiveness as a manager. Upon completion of this course, participants identify their current management style and can apply interactive strategies to improve communication with bosses, peers and direct reports. A 360 degree feedback process highlights the participant's management style and requires them to develop action plans to enhance leadership effectiveness.


Mentoring is a professional development strategy based on a learning relationship between two or more people. The Belk history is a mentoring success story. Many managers over the years have trained and guided the next generation supporting the company's expansion and success. This 12 month structured program includes an on-line course and monthly meetings focused on goal achievement through business discussions.

Merchant Development Program

This is a structured and phased approach to providing the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve your goal of becoming a buyer. Competency discussions are scheduled and facilitated to prepare you for your next steps of development. As an associate buyer, you will attend monthly workshops focused on the critical skills required to be a successful buyer.

Performance Management

Performance Management training is provided in a variety of delivery methods and courses including instructor led sessions, on-line courses and on the job activities. The primary objective is to equip managers with the tools needed to achieve objectives and goals through effective management of people.

Store Manager Program

Store Manager Program takes your store learning experience to the next level. Held at our corporate offices, these sessions are led by subject matter experts. You have the opportunity to interact with key decision makers and high caliber peers.

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