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Yankee Candle Sun & Sand

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Yankee Candle Sun & Sand
Belk Yankee Candle Sun & Sand
Let the beautiful aromas of Yankee Candle Sun and Sand spread throughout your happy home. The fragrance is a fresh mix between a tropical beach breeze, sweet orange flowers, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk. It smells so good that it makes you believe that you are really on the sandy shores. Sun and Sand Yankee candle can be placed in just about every part of your home. Use in the bathroom, living and dining areas, laundry room, and even the kitchen. Sun and sand candle neutralizes unwanted odors, permeating the area with a clean, fresh scent. Not to mention our Yankee Candles Sun and Sand will last up to 45 days. A clean home is a happy one. Keep your house beautiful and fresh with the Yankee Candles Sun and Sand collection from Belk.
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