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Down Comforters

Stitch Pattern:

There are two general construction types for Down Comforters- open and closed.

  • An Open Construction comforter means the down is not confined to a channel or chamber, allowing it to be distributed throughout the comforter.
    *Examples are: Ring Stitch, Karo Tack and Box Step

  • A Closed construction comforter confines the down in a specific space, minimizing the migration of fill for maximum comfort.
    *Examples: End to End, Box and Baffle Box


What is Fill Power: Down is often rated with a fill power rating. Fill power is a measurement in cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill when placed in a glass tube and allowed to loft for up to 72 hours. Generally the higher the fill power increases the warmth of an item. The majority of products sold have a fill power rating of 500-550. Mid and top tier goods generally have rating of 575-650, while fill powers above 700 being extremely rare.


Common Fill Types:
  • 95% Feather / 5% Down - Good
  • White Duck Down (WDD) - Better
  • White Goose Down (WGD) - Best


Ticking: The outer covering, better comforters will have higher thread counts providing soft luxurious covers.

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