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Luggage 101

Luggage Sets:

Luggage Sets: Most sets include suitcases of different sizes that are able to nest within each other. A handbag, garment bag or toiletry bag is sometimes included.

Luggage sets are a great value and are useful for those who do a lot of traveling.

Boarding Bag/Carry-On:

Boarding Bag/Carry-On: Each airline has its own rules about the size of carry-on luggage allowed - check with your individual airline before you fly.

Most airlines allow a personal item such as a purse, briefcase or laptop case in addition to a carry-on bag.

Most airlines require carry on bags to be no bigger than 22" x 14" x 9", including handles and wheels.


Spinners: Most spinner suitcases stand upright, and have four multi-directional wheels that can spin up to 360 degrees for easy navigation. Available in hardside & softside constructions.

Duffel Bags:

Duffel Bags: Duffel bags are large, roomy, soft-sided bags. Great for trips where you need a lot of extra bulky stuff (for example, coats or boots) but don't want to wear or carry them on an airplane.

Many have extras such as wheels and pull-out handles to help maneuver easily.


Hardside: Made from extra-tough materials like ABS plastic & polycarbonates. A rigid, waterproof shell protects what you pack and is resistant to scratches, dents & cracking.


Softside: Made from a variety of high-tech & lightweight fabrics, flexible construction materials make it easier to store. High density foams & other materials help maintain shape & structure.

This luggage expands more than other types, giving you more packing room.


Lightweight: Lightweight luggage is at least 20% lighter than conventional luggage. This can help you avoid airline fees for heavy bags.

These suitcases are available in either hard or soft cases.

Great for longer trips - the suitcase weighs less so you can pack more!

Garment Bag:

Garment Bag: Garment bags allow you to pack clothes that are on hangers. Less folding means less wrinkling.

Perfect for short business trips.

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