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Selecting Your Bridesmaids

This, for some, can be one of the hardest decisions a bride faces and one of the first they think of. From almost the moment you say "I will" your mind will begin racing with "I am definitely asking Mary" "and my sister"... "I have 5 cousins my Gram will certainly expect to see them in the wedding party", "I was in Suzie's wedding so I need to ask her to be in my wedding", "I have 3 future sister-in-laws so I must ask them to be in the wedding"...and so on, and so on, and so on. BE CAREFUL!!! Before you know it every girl you know will be standing next to you at the alter. Who does that leave to fill the seats?


There are a few decisions you should make before committing to a wedding party. And for goodness sake do not ask anyone until you have made the final decisions and discussed them with the groom. You know your girls the best and if you think they would have their feelings hurt not being asked to be in the wedding, wait until you ask one and then realize your groom has 2 sisters you forgot to consider. Now, think about the conversation you have with them asking them to step down as a bridesmaid. Just be sure you are sure before you extend an invitation to anyone.

A few things to consider when determining the size of your wedding party:


  • Is your ideal wedding large or small?
  • Does the ceremony site you are considering have enough space for a large wedding party, or is it so large that a small wedding party will be swallowed by the decor?
  • How much of your wedding budget can be allocated for bridesmaids? It will cost you approximately $150 per Bridesmaid so make sure you know how many attendants you can afford.
  • Who, of your viable candidates, are you sure you will still keep in touch with for at least the next 10 years. This is one of the most monumental days in your life, make sure that those standing up next to you are there for a reason.
  • Are you still close to each person you are considering? Don't get stuck in the past. If you were best friends 5 years ago but rarely keep in touch now, don't feel obligated to ask them to be in your wedding.


Whether big or small make sure you feel good about your attendants both male and female and talk it through with the groom. Bottom line, this day is about the two of you, don't let the pressure get to you and when you are ready...Ask away.

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