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Groomsmen Gifts

One of the to do's you'll have as a groom is to pick out a gift for your groomsmen. Groomsmen gifts should be based on their interests. Inspirations can come from experiences you share, common interests, hobbies or something you and your groomsmen have discussed future interest in. Some traditional options are:


  • A pocket watch
  • An engraved money clip
  • A flask
  • A monogrammed cloth cooler
  • A nice pen set
  • A cigar clipper


Many times grooms will choose one gift that applies to the entire group but sometimes that can be difficult based on differing likes and dislikes. Whatever you pick should be something meaningful and well thought out. If you choose to pick different gifts for your groomsmen try to spend the same amount of money on each groomsmen. A couple of instances this rule can be challenged is with the best man or if your brother(s) is a groomsmen. Because the role of the best man brings greater responsibility it is appropriate to spend a little more on his gift. And your brother has been your brother for life so his gift may be a little more expensive to represent that unique relationship.


Whatever you choose to give, ask yourself, how would I feel receiving this gift as a groomsman.

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