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You did it!

You mustered up the courage, found the perfect moment and finally asked your girlfriend to become your wife. So now what? After the squealing of her friends subsides and the congratulatory dinners cease, what are you going to be in for? The next few months is going to be a wild ride.


During the whole wedding planning process, there are a million little to do's that your bride-to-be will be obsessing over. She'll start her planning process by picking a venue for the ceremony and the reception and then a wedding date. She'll pick her colors and her dress and her bridesmaid's dresses and so on and so on and so on. You'll most likely be planning the honeymoon and you'll pick your groomsmen but those aren't the only responsibilities you have. While she and her mother do not expect for you to take a compelling position on hydrangeas vs. tulips, they will expect you to be involved in some manner.


My advice to you grooms is find something you have interest in and run with it. If you're a master of finance, take control of the budget. If you like planning projects take on the invitation/guest list management and tracking gifts received. If you are the foodie in the family pull together some menu ideas for the reception. No matter what your skills or how you're helping, the bottom line is you're helping and in turn taking some of the stress off of your fiancé.


And keep in mind..if you don't pick something, they may assign. So better to select something you know you do well.


We'll keep posting advice, so visit the website often. Our mission is to keep you in good graces through this rollercoaster of a time.


Good Luck!
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