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One of the most nerve racking experiences for people is speaking in public. Well, it is time to prepare yourself because you're definitely going to have to become comfortable speaking in front of friends and family throughout your wedding experience.


Typically, at a wedding shower one of the hosts will give a toast on behalf of all of the hosts to acknowledge the wedding couple. Although not required, it's recommended the groom-to-be stand up and say a few words on behalf of the couple. Generally, the rule of thumb for the groom-to-be is that for any party others host in your honor, you should be prepared to make a toast. Most of the time the toast is a simple few words to thank those in the room for coming and express your appreciation for their attendance. A thank you to those involved in hosting the shower is also a nice touch.


A few occasions where the theme of the toast and the toasting order varies are at the rehearsal dinner and wedding reception.

  • The toasting order at the rehearsal dinner is host (traditionally the father of the groom) followed by the groom (if the groom chooses to give one). Since the guests at the rehearsal dinner are the people most heavily involved with the wedding process this is a great opportunity to callout what has meant to have their support throughout the wedding journey and also to thank both sets of parents. After the groom, anyone else giving a toast may proceed.
  • At the wedding, the best man is the first to toast. The groom may then stand up and again thank the guests and the parents. This is also a great opportunity to thank your bride for all of the hard work she has put into the planning of the event and your excitement about your future.


Remember, everyone at your wedding parties is there for a reason. You and your bride-to-be have included them because they are your friends and family. They all want you to be successful in your toast and in your marriage so...just relax. Prepare for your toast but don't over prepare and speak from your heart. Your guests will love you for it.

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