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Out of Town Guests

No matter where you get married, chances are there will be out of town guests. It's an honor when guests travel distances to celebrate in your union so keep this in mind when you are setting up for their arrival.


How to keep them happy?...


For their rooms:
Leave a gift bag at the front desk of every hotel you have referred guests to. In the bag include a few things to make their stay more comfortable. Some ideas, bottled water, a mid day snack, some breathe mints, etc.


Itinerary and map:
Also ask the desk to give your guests a copy of the wedding itinerary. You have been heavily involved in every aspect of your day, but keep in mind your guests have not. This will let your guests know where they are supposed to be and when. They can plan to enjoy the city in their free time and still be where you need them.


Give them a map of all the locations they have to be. If you are providing transportation to and from events be sure to include the departure and arrival times. It's also a good idea (especially in large cities or when events are good distances away) to provide drive times and traffic scenarios so guests can plan times they need to leave to avoid being late.


Things to do:
You will be 100% consumed with your weekend, but your guests will have a lot of free time. Provide them with some fun ideas to do around town and some of your favorite places so they can enjoy your wedding location as much as you do.

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