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Toasts are a fun part of wedding events. It's a chance for friends a family to stand up and tell stories about the individual relationships they share with the bride and/or groom. It allows other guests to know the couple in a way they may not have in the past. Toasts can and probably will range from funny childhood stories to heartfelt accounts of life-changing experiences. Usually, only a few people will toast at the wedding and the majority of toasts are given at the rehearsal dinner.


Rehearsal Dinner

Toasting order at the rehearsal dinner is host (traditionally the father of the groom) followed by the groom (if the groom chooses to give one). Since the guests at the rehearsal dinner are the people most heavily involved with the wedding process this is a great opportunity for the groom to callout what it has meant to have their support throughout the wedding journey and also to thank both sets of parents. After the groom, anyone else giving a toast may proceed. This is usually where it gets fun...


Wedding Reception

At the wedding, the best man is the first to toast followed by the father of the bride (if he so chooses) The last to toast is the groom. He'll thank the guests for coming from all over and again thank the parents for all they have done. This usually wraps up the wedding toasts.

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