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Where to start?

There are so many tasks involved in planning a wedding; it's difficult to know where to begin. At a high level, it's much like planning any party only there are way more details and decisions. Make the obvious decisions first and then drill down to the minuet details. Where, When and How Many? You'll have to know the answer to each of these before you can begin honing in. The order with which you make these decisions will vary depending on what is most important for your event. If you must get married on a specific day, no matter what venue you select or how many people will attend, you should answer your "when" first. If you have the same intense desire to marry at a certain venue and/or location, no matter what day, begin your decision making with your "where" as your date may be driven by the location's availability.


Where are you going to wed and where are you going to party? Do you want to have the ceremony at the same location as the reception or a different location all together? Do you want a church ceremony? Your home town or his? The town you currently live in or an alternative destination all together? It's not possible to start gathering vendor information until you determine where you'll wed. It's also difficult to determine who will be a part of the wedding party and how many guests until the location has been determined. For example, if you have a destination wedding or your ceremony site is very small, you may want to select fewer wedding attendants. Once you determine the location, you can begin looking at specific venues.


Do you have a specific sentimental date you must use? If so, set the date and begin exploring your where and how many. If not, try to start by picking an ideal season or month for your affair. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? June or October? It may be wise to hold-off on the exact date until you select a specific venue and can determine the location availability. If you are determined to use a specific day just remember you may have to compromise on the venue if it is booked on your special day.


How Many
How many guests approximately do you intend to invite and how many attendants will you have? Unless your guest list is huge or tiny or you're planning a destination wedding, this decision may be the third of the three majors. However, as soon as you attempt to secure any more specific details for your event regarding pricing, etc. the first question vendors will ask is how many guests will you invite? This preliminary head-count does not need to be a firm count at this point. Just be prepared to give a range.

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