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Green Reception Ideas

Just because you're not a celebrity doesn't mean you can't jump on the green bandwagon. Green initiatives have changed the way many we us live everyday and it doesn't have to stop at your wedding. There are a lot of ways to incorporate our new green-way of life into your wedding details. Here are a few ideas...



Use a wedding website to communicate your wedding messages to guests. Some couples have decided to forego wedding invitations completely and are relying on their websites. Don't know a website developer, that's OK, there are several resources available to create your own website. If you do choose to send invitations, make sure to use recyclable paper, biodegradable inks and on-line proofing.


Natural Fabrics

There are a host of natural fiber fabrics available. Choose a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and groom's attire all made from natural fabrics. But don't stop there, make sure all of your table lines and napkins are also made of natural fabrics. Examples of natural fabrics: Wool, Cotton, Linen, Silk, Hemp, Ramie and Jute.


Environment Friendly Favors

Select wedding favors that don’t hurt the environment. One suggestion is to provide edible favors for your guests. Had your heart set on a candy bar at your wedding? Make little burlap sacks with your names on them and give them to your guests to scoop the candy in. Or give each guest a mini wedding cake in a recyclable box. Better than favors that don't hurt the environment are favors that help the environment. Give little potted plants or seedlings for your guests to plant when they return home.

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