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Invitations set the tone for your entire event. So make sure your invitations represent the type of wedding you intend to have. Pick your wedding colors before you attempt to pick out invitations. If you want to incorporate the colors of your event into your invitations or Save the Dates, you would need to know what colors you will use.


So here is a little 411 on invitations:


Save the Date

Sent out 6-9 months prior to the wedding date to inform people you intend to invite to the wedding, of the date and location. The save-the-date should be consistent with the look and feel of your invitations but much more informal. Guests can put the date of your wedding on their calendars early and be sure not to schedule any other events during your wedding weekend. The earlier you inform guests of your wedding date, the better your final turn-out will be.

Some current trends in save-the-dates... Lately a lot of couples have used magnets. Guests can place the announcement on their refrigerator as a constant reminder. We've also seen a lot of photos used in save-the-dates. Couples place a picture on a post card or magnet to announce their event.



There are so many options when it comes to invitations. Knowing the type of event you'll be having will help narrow down your choices. Formal weddings should have formal invitations and more casual events can have more casual versions. Invitations should be mailed 10-12 weeks before the wedding.


Select invitations based on things you enjoy or represent you.
  • Ribbons
    If you like ribbons, select a wedding invitation with a ribbon enclosure. There are so many options when it comes to ribbons.
  • Environmentally Sound
    All of your friends and family know you as an environmentally in-tune couple? It should be no surprise when your invitation arrives and there is a beautiful silhouette of a tree on the front.
  • Flowers
    Select invitations with a floral motif, you can be as bold or as conservative as you like. When it comes time to select the flowers for your wedding, create a few arrangements to mirror the flowers on the invitation.


Reply Cards

Do yourself a favor and be sure insert a reply card in your invitation. The reply card is your only way to get an RSVP from your guests. With your reply card you should also include a self addressed stamped envelope for the reply. The wording should be kept simple and clear so guests now exactly how to fill them out. The easier you make it for guests to respond, the more that will respond.

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