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Wedding Location Ideas

One of the first decisions to make concerning location is do you intend to have the ceremony and reception at the same place? You can then determine if you need to book one or more locations. Call early because the best locations book early.


Family Home:

If either of you are lucky enough to have a family house with a large yard or large enough indoor space to accommodate the number of guests you are inviting, use it. Some of the most memorable events are those located on family land. Make sure the family living at the house is as on board with the choice as you are. A family home event can be as much stress on the family living there as it is on you.



Hotels have several spaces they rent that can support a reception and/or ceremony. Don't feel like you have to be limited to the ballroom. Some hotels have smaller lounges, pool side and outdoor areas also available. Call a few hotels in town and ask to tour the facilities' available spaces.



A beach wedding can be very beautiful. One of the biggest advantages of a beach wedding is the gorgeous natural view that becomes the backdrop for your event. You can use fewer decorations which will definitely free up some budget.


Famous Old House or Barn:

For a rustic feel, search out some old farmhouses or barns in your area. Many times people purchase old barns and homes and renovate them for party rental spaces. You can use galvanized buckets for floral arrangements and mason jars to serve lemonade for real country charm.


Parks and Outdoor Spaces:

Keep your eyes wide open. Look around at area parks and large outdoor spaces. Keep up to date on your local paper to see where events are hosted. Concerts, holiday celebrations, music festivals etc. Unique spaces will create a memorable event for all your guests.


Club House:

If you happen to be members of a country club, you can use the club house space. If not, look around at housing developments and country clubs to see if they rent space to the public. If you have friends that are members of a country club, many times they will allow a member to sponsor your event and allow you to rent the space.



Museums are great wedding sites. Aside from being unique, the decorations are extraordinary and come with the price of the venue. Plus, your guests will have a great time walking around and viewing the artwork.

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