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Seasonal Color Trends

Wedding color trends are constantly changing. Keeping up with them can seem almost impossible, so we're here to help. Because color will be used throughout your wedding details on everything from invitations to bridesmaid dresses, you'll want to pick colors you both like. Some current trends we're seeing this spring include...



Various shades of coral will be peaking its head around weddings this spring. Combinations include dark shades mixed with hues of blue and vibrant greens or even reds and bright pinks. Plus, subtle lighter shades of coral accenting light pinks and lavenders are popular. Coral will definitely make its mark this season.



Turquoise and aqua have been synonymous with spring weddings for several seasons. New innovative combinations will set them apart this season. While accenting with chartreuse and deep pinks is always an option, pairing these shades with dark coral or red this season will reinvent this popular wedding color.


Platinum and Champagne

The neutrals of choice this year! From tablecloths and chairs to elaborate vases and candlestick holders, these metallic shades are dominating spring.



Looking for a more classic color combination? Not quite so bold but definitely memorable, light champagne pink is a perfect choice. The subtle shade creates a romantic setting when mixed with hints of lavender and accented with champagne gold, brushed platinum or gray.

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