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Sunscreen for Men

You’re a man who takes personal grooming seriously. You take care of your hair and follow your skincare regimen faithfully. You layer your fragrance using matching deodorant and cologne. But sunscreen for men? You tend to overlook it, or grab something from the checkout line. You’re not doing your face justice if you don’t use good quality sunscreen lotion for men. Protect your face from sunburn, UV rays and aging with the use of sunblock for men.

Sunscreen for men formulated for the face is a lighter weight than that for the body. Sunscreen for the face is formulated to moisturize and nourish your skin as it protects it from damaging sun rays. Most importantly, sunscreen lotion for men’s faces won’t clog your pores. It’s specifically formulated not to irritate sensitive facial tissue or cause breakouts. Belk’s collection of sunblock for men includes formulas rated SPF 15 and higher, often with supplementary benefits like anti-aging, wrinkle control or extra hydration.

Follow your morning wash and aftershave with a moisturizing sunscreen for men. If you’re out for a run, a pickup game or headed to the beach, go the distance with a sunscreen lotion for men rated SPF 30 or higher.