Salad Bowls

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Salad Bowls & Plates

Every good chef knows that presentation makes an impact when you’re serving up delicious culinary creations. A shallow salad bowl makes it easier to get just the right combination of lettuce, toppings and dressing onto your fork with each bite while deeper and narrower cereal bowls help maximize the amount of time your Corn Flakes or Cheerios stay crunchy. With the dinnerware collection at Belk, it’s easy to stock up on the dishes you need to get the most out of your meals.

Treat yourself to an entrée salad with seared ahi tuna, grilled lemon pepper chicken or seasoned tofu in a large salad bowl. A simple side salad featuring red leaf lettuce, parmesan and fresh lemon juice with olive oil will go great with homemade chicken soup in one of our soup bowls. Serve your salad first or impress your guests with a traditional Italian meal starting with a bowl of pasta dressed in homemade marinara sauce followed by a light mixed salad and then, of course, dessert.

Whether you prefer comfort foods and traditional Southern favorites or like to spice things up with international dishes, you’ll find a collection of bowls to complement your favorite meals in our full collection. Smaller bowls are ideal for serving fruit cups, olives or hard boiled eggs. A salad plate or bowl could also be used to serve your guests ceviche. Choose from classic all-white dishes or elegant designs featuring floral prints or hand-painted accents.