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Voice Assistant

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have your own personal assistant? Now you can get more done with the help of a voice assistant. With Google Home you can update your shopping list while you’re chopping veggies for dinner, make a phone call while you’re painting your nails or check the weather forecast while you’re getting dressed. Want to see who’s at your door? By syncing Google Home with compatible WiFi security cameras, you’ll be able to easily keep an eye on every part of your home. You can also use Google Assistant to control WiFi thermostats, outlets, lights, coffee makers and more.

Listen to your favorite music at the command of your voice with Amazon Echo. When you want to change the song or turn off the tunes, the Echo’s seven precisely placed microphones and beamforming technology ensure you’ll be heard clearly. Want to see the lyrics to your favorite song? The display screen on an Amazon Echo Spot can show you that and much more. You’ll be able to make video calls, view photos, watch news briefings or see your calendar. Plus, the Echo also connects to a range of WiFi devices.

Simplify your life and become more efficient with our complete smart home collection. With an Amazon Fire Stick and Alexa Voice Remote, you can use voice commands to pull up your favorite movies or TV shows, shop or order pizza delivery right from your couch.