Decorative Baskets

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Decorative & Wicker Baskets

Add functionality, organization, warmth and texture to any room in your home with decorative baskets from Belk. Explore our collection of metal wire, seagrass, rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, polyester, paper rope and wicker baskets to serve a wide range of purposes in your home. Clear your kitchen counters by grouping common items you need handy in a few, coordinated storage baskets. Keep fresh fruit out for your family in an attractive basket on the countertop or kitchen table.

Baskets provide lightweight storage and organization for many items you don’t want hidden. Consider gathering firewood on the hearth in a large, sturdy basket. Roll up fresh @towels and display them in a decorative basket in your bathroom. Organize your toiletries by gathering them into a small wicker basket you display on the bathroom counter. Group fresh guest room linens, a @throw and various supplies in a natural tapered basket in the extra room, making the room more inviting while saving on limited storage space.

Consider using several structured storage baskets to serve as drawers on open shelving units. This is a great way to store your craft supplies, scrap booking, toys and other small items, while keeping them handy for frequent use. Baskets add texture and visual interest to your room. Look for ways to incorporate them. Consider using a round seagrass basket as a pot cover for an indoor tree, whether fresh or @faux.

For versatile and attractive storage, shop wicker baskets at Belk.