Mini Refrigerators

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Mini Fridges

Keep your drinks and food perfectly chilled with a compact refrigerator from our diverse collection. Whether you’re hosting a party or like to save money by buying your favorite drinks in bulk, a mini fridge can help free up precious space in your main refrigerator. Want to protect your bottles of fine wine from changing temperatures? A sleek wine fridge with perfectly sized wire bottle racking is a great way to keep your wine collection secure until you’re ready to enjoy it. Looking for a small refrigerator that travels well for a weekend getaway or family get-together? You can bring a lightweight portable party refrigerator and plug it in almost anywhere.

A 2.6 cubic foot mini fridge makes a great freezer as well. Store meat and leftovers or keep tasty frozen desserts at the perfect temperature to enjoy anytime you want. With all that extra storage space, you just might want to get a homemade @ice cream machine, too! Impress your friends at your next holiday party with an assortment of flavors you’ve created yourself. You can prepare them ahead of time and store them in your mini fridge until it’s party time.

Choose from modern stainless steel small refrigerators or embrace retro style with Nostalgia Coca-Cola designs, and pair them with a matching @popcorn maker. A mini fridge makes a great gift for a student heading off to college, too!