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Mixing Bowl

Maybe you use your mixing bowls for storage or serving dishes. But they also hold more than that. It is also the bowl you used when you taught your daughter to make chocolate chip cookies for the first time. It is also the set of mixing bowls that allowed you to convince your son that yes, ingredients really do add up to dinner. You still have the Pyrex® mixing bowls your mother used as a child, and incredibly, the markings are still clear. Your mixing bowls have seen so many holiday dinners, bake sale marathons and back to school nights, they hold memories as well as food.

At Belk, we understand the importance of quality bakeware, mixing bowls and measuring cups and spoons, both for your family dinner and family history. We take pride in our selection of quality mixing bowls in a wide range of colors and styles made from durable materials, including stainless steel, melamine, ceramic, copper, glass and plastic. You’ll find our mixing bowls stand up to heavy duty use, the dishwasher and covert mud pie making with grace, cleaning up well and ready for reuse ease. Even our glass mixing bowls are nearly indestructible and made to last.

Suit your selection to the style of your kitchen and your needs. All of our mixing bowls are made from non-porous surfaces that will not absorb food odors, flavors or stains through years of use. We provide quality craftsmanship to enhance your own.