Transitional Decor

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Transitional Décor

Transitional décor is an updated twist on traditional décor and contemporary design. It is both more simple than traditional and warmer than modern style, while combining elements of each. With a neutral color palette and an emphasis on textures like wood, leather, metal, glass and rattan, transitional home décor intentionally strikes a balance between feminine and masculine notes in the room. Consider placing a rustic, double handle ceramic vase on a contemporary console or sofa table with clean lines. Or pair the minimalist gunmetal shoulder vase with a more traditional accent table for both contrast and balance between the styles.

Transitional décor focuses on strong, simple lines. Replace a collection of tchotchkes with a single element with clean structure and presence. Fill a large glass apothecary jar with wooden spheres or woven wicker balls for a striking accent. Add texture to hard flooring or wall-to-wall carpeting with an area rug in neutral shades. Transitional wall décor is used sparingly and chosen for impact. Choose a single, large painting or print that makes a statement, rather than a collection of smaller pictures or frames.

Transitional home décor brings disparate styles together to create a cohesive look. It combines traditional and contemporary, but it also can make use of industrial, rustic and even farmhouse style décor. It’s an ideal style when blending two households, such as for newlyweds. It’s also a way to incorporate inherited antiques with more modern pieces.