Wedding Ring Sets

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Wedding Rings Sets

Wedding ring sets combine the engagement ring and wedding band for one, expertly coordinated whole. Each ring is beautiful on its own, but like the two of you, each is at its best when it’s with the other. If you plan to always wear your engagement ring and wedding band together on the same finger, bridal ring sets fit the two together for one spectacular arrangement. They are perfectly paired by the precious metal, selection of gemstones and design. The wedding band is snug beside the engagement ring, sometimes interlocking.

You will find engagement ring and wedding ring sets in a range of styles including antique, contemporary and classic. White diamonds set in white gold or silver is the time-honored choice for wedding ring sets, but our selection offers sophisticated designs with black diamonds or yellow gold. Discover a range of sparkling cuts including princess, marquis, emerald, oval, round and pear. Our bridal ring sets showcase diamonds in prong, channel, pave and bezel settings, sometimes with different settings and cuts combined into a single, dazzling display.

Whether you choose a wedding ring set or prefer to coordinate your engagement ring and wedding band on your own is entirely up to your taste and lifestyle. Coordinating with the groom’s ring is a traditional option, but your choice to match should be based on what makes you both happy.