Men's Suspenders

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Suspenders for Men

Suspenders for men are making a comeback — and for good reason. This simple, affordable and functional fashion accessory is also versatile and effortlessly dapper. Today, you’ll find well-dressed men rocking suspenders with everything from a tuxedo to shorts. By creating strong, vertical lines, suspenders lengthen your look and are more slimming. If your weight fluctuates, suspenders keep your pants securely in place without bunching fabric or pinching your waist as a belt sometimes can.

Suspenders for men come in two main styles: those that attach to brace buttons for formal wear or suits, and those that clip into place. Our selection of clip suspenders can be worn with any style of men’s trousers, jeans or shorts. While suspenders were once considered strictly underwear, today’s styles encourage men to wear them in a wide range of occasions. Consider the look of your suspenders with the rest of your outfit, even if it includes a jacket. When you take off your jacket, the suspenders will shine. While black suspenders are a classic style, explore the colorful options available. In general, choose your suspenders to contrast with your shirt. You’ll look dashing wearing dark wash jeans or chinos with a white or light button down shirt and red or plaid suspenders. In the case of leather suspenders, try coordinating them with your shoes.