ASICS® Women’s Shoes

ASICS® women’s shoes are designed to harness the latest in performance footwear technology to power your run with comfort, support and stability. Whether you’re a serious marathoner, sprinter, regular runner, cross training, going to the gym or simply on the go, women’s ASICS® shoes get you where you’re going in safety and style. Every style is crafted for its specific activity, with gel technology to cushion every step, a midsole material that improves bounce and durability, enhanced support and stability. Moisture management keeps ASICS® women’s tennis shoes breathable throughout your workout and all day long. Despite such enhancements, these shoes are impressively lightweight.

Serious athletes make ASICS® women’s shoes their go-to footwear for distance running. The heel height is elevated to shift your weight forward, alleviating stress on your back and legs. But women’s ASICS® sneakers are also widely recommended to treat painful foot conditions like plantar fasciitis with exceptional support and comfort. On-trend colors and styling make ASICS® a fashionable choice for the entire day. Of course they look great with athletic wear. For the ultimate in the athleisure wear trend, try pairing your ASICS® women’s tennis shoes with slim fitting jeans, a button down shirt and a blazer.

Comfort, support and style. That’s ASICS® women’s shoes.