Bleu de Chanel Men’s Cologne

Everything about CHANEL BLEU cologne speaks of confidence. It’s classic and masculine without being overpowering. Instead, it projects the impression of power fully under your command. An exceptional fragrance to wear for both professional and personal occasions, BLEU DE CHANEL men’s cologne burnishes your image as an accomplished, polished man.

CHANEL BLEU men’s cologne begins with a burst of citrus notes for a refreshing and energizing introduction. It matures into a sensual, woodsy blend that warms further with ginger and sandalwood to create a lasting, lingering sense of sophistication. The experience is fresh, clean and masculine. Begin with the after shave of your choice to layer your fragrance with your cologne. After shave balm soothes your face with healing compounds of aloe and coconut oil to leave you with a light fragrance and soft, smooth skin. The CHANEL BLEU cologne after shave lotion delivers an invigorating splash of scent that will wake you up even as it soothes and refreshes your skin after your shave.

CHANEL BLEU cologne is a bold, elegant choice for day or night. If you enjoy using different scents for different occasions, consider CHANEL ALLURE HOMME for evening and romantic occasions, where its warm character is at its best. ALLURE HOMME SPORT is an excellent selection to apply following a vigorous session at the gym.

Make an impression with CHANEL BLEU cologne.