CHANEL PLATINUM ÉGOÏSTE exudes the confidence of a man who knows his own worth. It’s a timeless, masculine scent that’s clean and professional. It opens with a spicy floral fragrance, a mix of citrus and cloves blended with lavender, rosemary and honeyed neroli. As CHANEL ÉGOÏSTE warms on your skin, a peppery sage develops, balanced by clear jasmine. The base notes of oak moss, sandalwood and cedar are warmed with vanilla. CHANEL PLATINUM is sophisticated and memorable.

Layer CHANEL PLATINUM ÉGOÏSTE eau de toilette over the PLATINUM deodorant. Layering several products with a matching or complementary scent adds depth to the scent and makes it last far longer. Consider using a scented shaving cream or pre-shaving oil to condition your skin and soften your beard. Matching your after shave to your cologne extends its longevity. Combining complementary fragrances can create a unique, signature scent all your own. Explore our selection of CHANEL men’s cologne.

In addition to CHANEL ÉGOÏSTE, CHANEL BLEU DE CHANEL is available as an eau de toilette and a deodorant. It also comes as a shower gel, an after shave balm and a men’s facial moisturizer, providing many options for layering your fragrance.

Men’s skin care and fragrance both begin in the shower. The heat and humidity open your pores, enabling a deep cleansing. Moisturizers penetrate deeply when applied just after your shower, and cologne is best applied then, too. Make CHANEL PLATINUM your signature scent.