Bring home the essence of French beauty with the scent of COCO MADEMOISELLE CHANEL Paris. We have a selection of perfume, lotion, cream, body oil and more. Mix and match or get one of each and create your own CHANEL MADEMOISELLE set. The elegantly designed glass bottle will make a beautiful addition to your dresser or vanity. Let the fresh blend of COCO MADEMOISELLE brighten your day or try Eau de Parfum Intense for a rich infusion of tonka bean and vanilla.

We have a large selection of CHANEL women’s fragrances including MADEMOISELLE COCO, GABRIELLE CHANEL, ALLURE and more. Lather yourself with CHANEL N°5 Foaming Bath mousse and take the subtle bouquet of floral aromas with you throughout the day. Get dark and mysterious with COCO NOIR, featuring a rich blend of grapefruit, roses and patchouli presented in a striking black glass bottle.

Like to change your perfume up from day to day? Explore the circular bottles of the CHANEL CHANCE collection. Vanilla, jasmine, iris and white musk melt together to create the signature CHANCE fragrance. Awaken your senses with the fruity addition of grapefruit notes in CHANCE EAU TENDRE or transport yourself to the woods with notes of amber and fresh vetiver in CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE. Blood orange and cedar notes make CHANCE EAU VIVE stand out.