To some connoisseurs of designer fragrances, the iconic CHANEL No. 5 and CHANEL COCO NOIR are as much a fashion staple as any dress or pair of shoes. Shop COCO NOIR and other CHANEL fragrances at Belk and find the perfect scent for all your special occasions. With a carefully blended mix of jasmine, ylang ylang, orange blossom and grasse tuberose, the fragrance conjures the mysteries of the Orient with an unforgettable aroma. Whether you choose the CHANEL COCO NOIR Eau de Parfum with its boldly French aromas or CHANEL COCO NOIR Parfum for a lighter scent with vanilla and sandalwood, you’ll enjoy the undeniable sophistication of CHANEL.

Choose CHANEL COCO NOIR and discover why women all over the world consider the fragrance to be one of the most desirable women’s perfumes. Moisturizers and body creams with a luxurious aroma soften and smooth skin, leaving behind an alluring scent of the Far East. Pick out a foaming shower gel from the COCO NOIR collection and enjoy a fresh and intoxicating scent all day long. If you want to save your CHANEL COCO NOIR for the most special of occasions, you can still enjoy the classic CHANEL fragrance with CHANEL CHANCE. It’s perfect for everyday wear with its light floral and fruity aromas. Choose your COCO NOIR favorite and don’t forget to shop CHANEL men’s cologne for that special someone.