Express sophistication and polish with CHANEL COCO perfume. The luxurious fragrance opens with spicy citrus notes that lift your spirits. Rich florals including jasmine, ylang ylang and Tunisian orange blossom are warmed by musky woodsy tones. The CHANEL COCO effect is both timeless and immediate, announcing your presence and making it memorable.

Explore the intoxicating scents of CHANEL perfume. In addition to the original CHANEL COCO perfume, there are two exquisite Coco brands worth exploring. CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE is a modern take on the young Coco Chanel’s vibrant spirit. Bold, yet decidedly fresh, this CHANEL COCO perfume is irresistible. Make a statement with COCO NOIR. As dramatic and mysterious as its ebony bottle implies, this is the signature scent of a self-assured woman.

Every CHANEL COCO perfume comes in an array of applications, from eau de toilette to parfum and including bath soap, shower gel and scented body lotions. Build a layered scent when you use multiple perfumed products for a rich, long-lasting application. Like skin care, fragrance begins with cleansing and moisturizing. Start with a perfumed bath soap or shower gel for your body and a gentle facial cleanser. Follow with a facial serum to target specific skin issues and a nourishing face moisturizer. Then apply the CHANEL COCO perfume of your choice. Lightly spray or dab on your pulse points.

CHANEL COCO perfume whispers of quality and distinction. Make it your signature scent.