Clinique Happy for Men

Add a little joy to your day with the scent of Clinique Happy for men. The refreshing notes of lime, lemon and cypress might have you dreaming of a Mediterranean vacation. Or the exotic combination of mandarin orange, jasmine and cedar will be sure to make you feel great. This signature Clinique cologne pairs well with a suit or tuxedo for a formal event but is versatile enough for everyday wear.

You can even pick up a bottle of Clinique men’s cologne for yourself and get a matching bottle for the lady in your life from our Clinique women’s collection. His and hers orange bottles will look radiant resting on your armoire or dresser, and the complementary scents will create a harmonious blend when you’re both in the same room. Treat her to a full-size bottle of perfume spray or a gift set including lotion, body wash and a travel-sized rollerball she can fit in her purse.

While you’re picking out Clinique cologne and perfume, be sure to check out our complete range of Clinique skin care products and men’s grooming supplies. After you’ve finished perfecting your shave, aloe-infused post-shave soothing cream will calm your skin. And whether it’s day or night, skin care formulas designed specifically for men will keep your skin hydrated. Men’s exfoliating face scrub clears away dead skin and lifts beard hairs, giving you healthy-looking skin and a closer shave.