Dior Capture Youth

Shop Dior makeup for advanced age-reversing formulas, brightening serums, peeling cremes and other proven skin treatments. Dior Capture Youth serum boosts and illuminates your skin while age-delay eye treatments tone and smooth, giving you a healthier, more youthful appearance. The powerful hydration of Dior Capture Youth plump filler with antioxidants nourishes and revitalizes to make dry, tight skin feel plump and supple. Whether your skin needs lifting, moisturizing, sculpting or cleansing and refreshing, Dior Capture Youth is the answer.

Explore Dior Capture Youth age-delay formulas that soothe redness, hydrate tired skin and creates a youthful appearance. Choose a progressive peeling creme to clarify, smooth and energize your skin with antioxidants that infuse your cellular structure with advanced hydration. After you use a Dior cleanser or makeup remover, just apply the gel creme. Your skin will instantly absorb the combination of vitamin B and natural ingredients, leaving smooth, toned skin and a brighter complexion.

Whether you need the nourishment of Dior Capture Youth plump filler or the refreshment of Dior’s advanced eye treatment, you’ll enjoy a vibrant look. From Dior skin toner and age-reversing serums to makeup tools and perfume, shop the Dior collection at Belk and take your beauty routine to new heights.