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Estée Lauder Makeup Brushes

Estée Lauder makeup brushes are specifically designed to make enhancing your natural beauty easier. Soft bristles are contoured to apply blush, eye shadow, foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder and lip color exactly where you need it to achieve the effect you want. Sweep the Estée Lauder brush across your pigment, then dust it across your face for flawless results.

Start with a cleanser and apply moisturizer with sunblock. Then, apply your liquid or powder foundation with the appropriate Estée Lauder foundation brush. Pick up the foundation on the bristles of your brush, then apply to your face using upward sweeping motions. Use the brush to smooth and feather the foundation so that it is fully blended in. The Estée Lauder brush 15 is ideal for highlighting the apples of your cheeks with blush, or lightly brushing your cheek bones, forehead and nose with bronzing powder. Depending on the techniques and number of eyeshadow colors you use, you may want multiple eyeshadow brushes for applying, blending and contouring your colors. An eyeliner brush allows precise application of color along the edge of your eyelids.

You’ll love the results you get when you use Estée Lauder brushes for your makeup routine. They’ve been designed with input from professional makeup artists and manufactured to exacting standards. To extend the life of your brushes, clean them once a week with Estée Lauder makeup brush cleaner.