Fiesta Dinnerware

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Fiesta® Dinnerware

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the brand or you’re shopping for your first piece of Fiesta® dinnerware, you’re participating in American history. Fiestaware was an instant hit when it was first introduced to the public in the middle of the Great Depression. An important part of its success with customers was their ability to purchase a single Fiesta® dish or place setting, rather than having to invest in an entire set for 8 or more people. Not only were individual pieces more affordable, this encouraged homemakers to mix and match place settings. Today, Fiesta® plates, bowls, mugs, sets, saucers, serving dishes, pitchers, platters and more are still sold individually.

Fiesta® dinnerware ceramic glazes come in a wide array of colors with names like shamrock, poppy, sunflower, lemongrass, lapis, mulberry, turquoise and daffodil. Each of these dishes comes with a 5-year chip warranty and is microwave safe and oven ready.

Set a joyful table with Fiesta® dinnerware. Play with color combinations. Some use as many colors as they can, while others use two or three complementary colors. Consider mixing the Belk-exclusive vintage bicycle plates and mugs with turquoise, scarlet and daffodil Fiesta® dishes.

Embrace a bit of Americana with colorful Fiesta® dinnerware from Belk.