Forsyth of Canada Dress Shirts

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Forsyth of Canada Shirts

For the well-dressed man, nothing beats the look and feel of a crisp, freshly ironed dress shirt to start the day. With Forsyth of Canada shirts, you will enjoy classic appeal right out of your closet. The slim-lined and contoured shirts are crafted from cotton specially treated for a non-iron, wrinkle-free wear to last all day long.

You’ll notice the elegant spread collar is popular with Forsyth of Canada dress shirts. This contemporary twist on the point collar gives you a fashion-forward look that expresses confidence and openness. An elegant choice, the spread collar is a bit more formal than other styles, but with a warm, approachable appeal. Be sure to select a beautiful tie for your Forsyth shirt. The spread collar is especially effective with a wide, full Windsor knot for a dashing look.

For a business look, Forsyth of Canada shirts in white or blue are always a timeless classic. You should always have a few in your wardrobe, so you know you always have a clean, fresh shirt for the morning. (And it’s a great idea to keep one at your office in case of mishaps). Bold colors and stripes are available to change up your look, for a more relaxed office. Check button-down shirts are the most casual, perfect to express your personal style or dress up a sporty weekend.