Giorgio Armani Perfume

Make a memorable impression with Giorgio Armani perfume. Scent is the sense most strongly linked to our memories and emotions. That’s why a woman’s signature perfume becomes associated with everything about her. It’s more memorable than her jewelry, designer clothing or even her shoes. Strike a confident chord with Armani Code for Women. This fragrance is for a woman who is secure with her sense of self. It opens with fresh and spicy notes of orange blossom and ginger. It warms to scents of lavender, honey and vanilla with hints of pear sorbet while a musky, woodsy note develops underneath. This elegant fragrance is perfect for the office or a night on the town. The beautiful glass bottle can be tucked into your designer handbag for discreet touch ups during the evening or in a travel tote for a weekend getaway.

Giorgio Armani perfume is crafted for women who make a statement. Never overly sweet or cloying, it creates a sense of intrigue that lingers in memory. Armani Si perfume is an uplifting scent that opens with black currant nectar, a modern chypre and light woodsy notes.The floral heart warms with amber, musk and vanilla for a sensual appeal. Armani Si Passione is a rich, sultry scent composed of sparkling pear, rose blooms and a woodsy vanilla. Apply Armani Si just after your shower, before you get dressed. To make the scent last longer, first apply an unscented moisturizer to the areas you’ll spray the perfume, like your wrists, neck and decolletage.

Giorgio Armani perfumes come in an array of formulas so you’ll be able to find your signature scent.