Lancôme Brow Makeup

All eyes will be on yours when you use Lancôme brow pencils, gels and makeup. Beautifully groomed eyebrows frame your eyes and add structure to your face. Tame unruly brows with careful use of brow tweezers and an eyebrow grooming brush. Pluck away stray hairs as you enhance the natural shape and arch of your brows. Choose the Lancôme brow gel formula closest to your natural coloring. Use the wand brush to apply the brow gel, lifting the hairs up and out. You’ll be amazed at how your natural brows look fuller and denser. Do you have gaps or spaces where the hairs are a bit sparse? When the gel is nearly dry, use the Lancôme brow define pencil to fill with slender strokes that mimic your natural brows. The color won’t fade, budge or sweat away.

Because eyebrows both frame and create structure for your eyes, well-groomed brows are a must. When you have perfected your brows with Lancôme brow pencil and gel, contour your eyes using Lancôme eyeshadow and Lancôme eyeliner. For a softer look, use your eyeshadow under your eyes, right along the lash line. For more intensity or for an evening look, add the eyeliner. Complete your eyes with Lancôme mascara. Because healthy skin is the true beauty secret, begin and end your look with Lancôme skin care. For all Lancôme brow pencils, makeup and skin care, shop Belk.